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Online Courses

We Provide Courses in Different Fields Such as: In-Service inspection , Welding Inspection . Corrosion and ISO Courses.


We are Sharing Our knowledge with other to Improve Inspection Field. as a Professional Third Party Organization.

Jobs Recruitment

We Help others to Find a New Career and Provide Expert Individuals to Join a Professional Companies.


We Provide Almost all Books and References Related  to Inspection Field to Our Members and Visitors.

Sharing Experience

We are Sharing our Experience With Others to Raise General Knowledge.Share Your Knowledge With Us.


We Support any Activity Which Could Help,Learn or Develop The Surround Community

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Courses Activities‬‏ Highlights

In-Service Inspection Courses
Codes & Standards Courses
Welding Inspection Courses
Non Destructive Examination

About Inspection Academy

Inspection Academy (IA) provides value to inspection sector by focusing attention on the contribution of training to increase theoretical and practical experience for individuals and organizations.We do this through sharing knowledge and teaching professionalism of individuals and through recognition of institutional commitment to the professional development of their teaching staff. This recognition is enabled by the IA’s lead in the development and management of the Professional Standards Framework.

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Our values

  • Faith– our ethics stems from our faith
  • Creativity – We want to make something different.
  • Progression– We believe that continual improvement is the backbone for any continuous success
  • Flexibility – We believe that change is the only constant universal rule
  • Co-operation – We work in partnership to achieve shared goals
  • Trust – We try to generate trust through our credibility, knowledge and experience
  • Respect – we respect others to build sound relationships


Our Mission

Improving learning outcomes by raising the status and quality of training

Let's work on your exciting Learning Plan together!